How to send us your trumpet

  1. For $195 we provide you with shipping materials, a standard cleaning service, and return shipping.

  2. Please review Servicing Your Trumpet to see what is included in the standard service.

  3. Any additional work including bell dents, slide dents, mouthpipe dents, soldering, and replacement parts will be an additional cost. See Cost of Services for a general price range on additional services.

  4. Fill out the additional work order request form provided in the shipping box and list all additional services you would like for your trumpet. Please include any comments, questions, and concerns on this form.

  5. Once we receive the trumpet you will receive an estimate/invoice for any additional services.

  6. The shipping materials include a styrofoam bell cone, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, a return label, and an additional work order request form.

  7. Please refer to the Packing Your Trumpet video for packing instructions.

Trumpet Shipping Box, Standard Cleaning Service, and Return Shipping

Shipping Box, Packing Materials, Additional Work Order Request Form, Return Label, Standard Cleaning Service, and Return Shipping.

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