Sonic Cleaner

Servicing Your Trumpet

Here at Trumpet Cleaning Services we provide the ultimate care for your trumpet.

Clean & Polish

(Standard Cleaning Service, Shipping Box, and Return Shipping $195)

  • Disassemble and sonically clean the trumpet

  • Scrub and polish the inside of all tubes and valve casings

  • Adjust 1st and 3rd slide tube alignment

  • Align valves replacing felts and bumpers

  • Replace water-key cork and spring

  • Hand polish silver or unlacquered trumpet

  • Final wash

  • Play test

Additional services based on your request

        1. Dent Removal (Additional Cost)

  • Straighten bell ($20-$80)

  • Remove bell dents ($20-$80)

  • Remove slide crook dents ($20-$80)

  • Remove mouthpipe dents ($20-$80)

         2. Soldering  (Additional Cost)

  • Solder broken braces ($20-$80)

  • Replace mouthpipe or other worn out parts (price may vary)