ABout Us

I have been repairing brass instruments for 27 years having worked for Wayne Tanabe, Karens Music, Music and Arts, and on my own for the last 8 years. With the help of my staff, we service over 1,200 instruments a year. Please have a look at my website, Facebook, and Instagram to check out all of the various things we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to clean my trumpet?
   -  1-5 business days after we receive the trumpet.

2. What if my valves don't work?
   -  We always recommend a professional cleaning if you are having valve issues. If the valves are completely worn out, then you will need a valve rebuild which we do not do at the shop. We can recommend someone who does this service for you.

3. What if my slides are stuck?
- No problem. As part of the cleaning service we will get your slides out and functioning properly again.

4. Can I reuse the box?
   -  Yes

5. Can I send my trumpet to you on my own without purchasing the box and the service?
- Yes we will receive the trumpet and send you an estimate/invoice with the cost of return shipping. Once we receive payment we will start the work.